Patent Pending Posters - Seattle, Washington
Aesthetic Apparatus
Great posters from Minnesota's finest.
Ames Bros.
Goodfellas from here in Seattle. You'd be a fool not to check out their posters.
A massive 11" x 13", 492-page book, this long-anticipated sequel to rock historian Paul Grushkin's ART OF ROCK: POSTERS FROM PRESLEY TO PUNK, considered the bible of rock poster art worldwide, is the must-have book for rock music fans and poster collectors.

ART OF MODERN ROCK will showcase the work of scores of modern pop-art masters.
They sure do know how to make a website!
The ultimate resource for anything and everything to do with posters for rock shows.
Jesse's official website, including artwork from his various poster, CDs projects, and more.
Luckyhorse Industries
These folks have rolled clothing, music, and good taste all under one roof.
Newbury Comics
Independently owned record/movie/assorted coolness stores located throughout New England. They're terrific.
Poster Cabaret
A great place to find some of our sold out or hard to find posters.
A wonderful illustrator, and a wonderful fella.
Shawn Wolfe
Be amazed by this crazy mad genius (and occasional Patent Pending guest poster designer.)
Sub Pop Records
Don't quit your day job, eh?
The Decoder Ring Design Concern
More screenprinted posters from straight outta Austin.
Texas is the Reason (2) The Head and the Heart
Steve Martin The Unholy 3
Texas is the Reason (2)
Poster for the band's final U.S. tour.
Texas is the Reason (2)
Texas is the Reason!
Texas is the Reason is a band that people have either never heard of or people freak out over. Needless to say, we were in the freak out camp when the band asked us to create a poster for their last US tour ever.

The posters sold so well on the road that the band had to ration them each night. Fortunately, we have a small stack of them, just for you.

We also did the poster for the European tour (a.k.a. THEIR LAST TOUR EVER EVER), but extra copies of that one are even more scarce than updates to our site. | NEWS
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