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Chugai Pharma Taiwan wins 2021 Best Companies to Work for in Asia award for third year in a row

A company wants to develop in the long term and build a so-called “happy enterprise,” it needs to be in an industry that possesses a certain degree of stability and has the potential for future development. In addition, a company must have a perfect internal system which is the cornerstone of enterprise development. This year, Chugai Pharma Taiwan Ltd (台灣中外製藥) once again won the “Best Companies To Work For In Asia” award presented by Asia’s most authoritative human resources publication “HR Asia.” This year’s competition has 292 entrants, and only 6 were pharmaceutical companies. Therefore, the competition was fierce for all entrants. But what is more extraordinary is that Chugai Pharma Taiwan has won this award for three years in a row since 2019.

The success of a happy enterprise leads to mutual realization of the company and its employees

This year, Chugai Group announced its new growth strategy: “Topi2030.” In addition to looking forward to becoming the world’s top innovator in the pharmaceutical field by 2030, this strategy also implies growing and sharing prosperity with employees, with the key to cultivate talents and communicate effectively. In addition to regularly reviewing the company’s workforce situation, Chugai Pharma Taiwan also customizes career development plans for employees, arranges computer skills training, English and Japanese courses for them every year. The company also provides complete subsidies of professional training to encourage employees to enhance their competitiveness. Meanwhile, the company’s efforts to promote internal internship programs aim to put people in others’ shoes and encourage brainstorming between departments. Through genuinely effective communications, employees and managers develop real listening and understanding with others, which is then internalized into their daily work to create a more efficient work model.

Photo courtesy of Chugai Pharma Taiwan Ltd

Fully fulfill corporate social responsibility to enable work and life to complement each other

In the past year or so, the ups and downs of the COVID-19 pandemic have seriously hit peoples’ daily life. In addition to deploying a series of epidemic prevention measures, Chugai Pharma Taiwan has also taken the initiative to provide employees with healthcare medicines, disease prevention kits, portable disinfection bracelets, rapid screening reagents and epidemic prevention allowances. At the same time, under the premise of epidemic prevention, Chugai Pharma Taiwan has organized various activities for employees, such as allowing employees to participate in the Year-end Party dinner online, holding tree planting, beach cleaning and family day for charity bicycle rides, as well as providing vouchers for five-star hotels. The aim is to find a good balance between epidemic prevention and enjoying life, fulfill corporate social responsibility and promote teamwork in the workplace, so that work and life can complement each other, and employees can continue to face challenges in the workplace with a healthy attitude and body. In the future, Chugai Pharma Taiwan will continue to be people-oriented, uphold the original aspiration, keep improving and plan the future blueprint of the medical industry.

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