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Five things to know about the new Adult Education Center

The Crawford County Adult Education Center has officially opened its new building. Here are five things to know about CCAE and its mission.

Location: The Crawford County Adult Education Center has re-located to 301 Mt. Vista Boulevard in Van Buren in the previous location of City Heights Elementary sharing a building with the Crawford County District Court. 

Resources: CCAE partnered with 100 Families to put together a centralized location. The clients can come to one place and get everything they needed. The resource center has joined with Workforce Innovation, rehabilitation resources, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), as well as Parents as Teachers to help the community quickly and easily. 

“We’re a home visiting program. we work with families starting with prenatal to the age of five,” Stephanie Ramos, Parents as Teacher instructor said. “We do everything that has to do with parenting.”

Workforce development: Every Wednesday, a mobile workforce vehicle from the Arkansas Department of Workforce Services will be parked in front of the CCAE building. This truck will be available to anyone who would like to gather resources and work towards a career path. 

The mobile workforce center will be located in the parking lot of the Crawford County Adult Education Center every Wednesday until 4 p.m.

Alternative sentencing: The CCAE was chosen as one of the top nine programs in the nation for their alternative sentencing programs for inventive programs. The Adult Education Center offers alternative sentencing in the form of classes like workforce pathways, business technology, and introduction to craft skills.

Education: CCAE helps adults work towards their GED through classes like math, social studies, and English. CCAE offers in-person classes as well as virtual classes over zoom. The new building has a computer lab, a small library, and areas for students to study.