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MJV Technology & Innovation Launches Innovation Hub for Insurance Industry

MJV Technology & Innovation, a leading global consulting firm for design thinking and business transformation, announced the launch of a new resource portal for the insurance industry: the Insurance Hub. The platform contains resources and guides on topics ranging from design thinking, data strategy, digital transformation, and AI to help major insurance carriers adapt to digital disruption in the space.


MJV has worked with seventeen of the world’s largest insurance companies and has more than 20 years of experience in the industry. The portal was created as a free resource that harnesses the firm’s vast experience to provide actionable information to c-suite leaders. Some of the challenges addressed in the Insurance Hub’s tools include fully utilizing data to enhance business decisions, enabling agile system modernization that stays on the cusp of innovation, ensuring cohesive digital customer experiences, and employing AI in customer service and marketing.


The full hub can be accessed at: 


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MJV Technology and Innovation is a leading global consulting and development firm specializing in digital transformation. The firm serves Fortune 500 clients including Coca-Cola, Delta, BNP, Cartier, and more in implementing data-driven innovation and strategies, including design thinking, ESG practices, consumer experiences, and data analytics. The firm was founded in 1997 and has locations across the US, Europe, and Latin America.