Business Innovation

Overcoming the barriers to business innovation

Following on from the CBI and Microsoft ‘Tech Tracker’ report, read some practical steps your business can take to overcome the common barriers to innovation.

06 Sep 2021, 2 min read

The CBI and Microsoft report Tech Tracker 2020: the innovation imperative, highlighted how businesses have adopted new technologies and processes throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the challenges they have faced, and their underlying motivations to innovate.

As we emerge from the pandemic and the economy reopens, the boundaries of the new world of work are yet to be defined, but whatever the future looks like, technology and innovation will continue play a central role.

In the ‘Tech Tracker 2020’ report, three digital dilemmas were identified:

  1. The capacity and cash to keep going
  2. Turning data into decisions
  3. Prioritising people.

Read our practical advice below on the steps your business can take to meet and surpass these challenges.  

Digital Dilemma #1: The capacity and cash to keep going

Many businesses want to build on the positive steps they have already taken but do not have the capacity or cash to do so.

Weak demand conditions due to the COVID-19 crisis h