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Update on projects in Beaver Falls ‘Innovation Corridor’

BEAVER FALLS — Bethany Williams said she wants both the community and city government to work together to better improve the city.

She said she wants community members and organizations to be just as involved, or take ownership in the projects, with the goal of not only physically improving the city but improving economic stability to its residents.

Williams, who is the city director of community development, gave an update on the four projects that will be a part of the “Innovation Corridor,” which runs from 11th to 16th streets on Seventh Avenue.

These projects include the BHIVE Innovation Hub, the Portobello Cultural Life and Arts Center, improvements to March Park and the Neighborhood North: Museum at Play.

BHIVE Innovation Hub

The Beaver Valley Hub for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, or BHIVE, is a planned innovation hub that is being coordinated by four educational institutions.